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E.S.M.A  Modelling Academy aims to provide the highest standards of learning to enable aspiring models to become successful in the modelling world in Australia and overseas.

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Fashion - Perfecting the Art of Dressing

Our objective is to make style advice inclusive for all. We prioritize taste and inspiration over rigid rules, aiming to show women and men that building a wardrobe is about expressing your unique style, complementing your body, and aligning with your lifestyle.

It's All About You!

An empowering and in-depth guide for our models to help boost confidence in body image, beauty, clothing, and lifestyle.

The Anatomy of Style

Distinguishing between fashion and style, and offering guidance on crafting your unique personal style.

Effortless Chic

Master the art of cultivating chic street style.

The Lioness Program


Empowering women through positive affirmations, recognising strengths and weaknesses, stepping beyond comfort zones, and facing challenges with both confidence and style.

Modelling Techniques and Advice

​We teach our models: 

-Runway (Catwalk)

-Posing techniques

-Advice on castings and interviews

-Portfolio advice

-General modelling and industry advice

-Hair modelling and hair modelling shows

-Model safety and awareness

-Social media tips

-How to prepare for a modelling assignment


​As a component of your modelling development, the E.S.M.A Modelling Academy will facilitate your inaugural photo shoot to initiate your modelling portfolio. Our dedicated team, comprising makeup artist, photographer, studio/location coordinator and model assistants, will ensure a seamless preparation process for an exceptional photo shoot experience.

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