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Promotional Modelling

Promotional modelling offers an excellent entry point to the industry, engaging models in events like store openings, clubs, and trade shows to promote businesses, services, or products. Responsibilities may include distributing materials, interacting with visitors, or facilitating competitions. Regardless of the specific task, promotional modelling provides an introduction to the field and an opportunity for additional income.


Our clients seek both male and female models for promotional assignments, with a higher demand for females. Attire may be specified by the client to enhance product awareness, and they typically provide necessary clothing.


Promotional modelling is an enjoyable experience, making it a suitable choice for individuals with outgoing personalities who enjoy interacting with people. If you possess these qualities, promotional modeling may be a fitting option for you.

Fitness Modelling

In the current fitness-focused environment, our male and female fitness models are consistently sought after for various fitness modeling opportunities requiring a fit and healthy physique. Clients, whether promoting a healthy lifestyle or gym memberships, actively seek fitness models, including those for swimsuits, bodybuilding, and underwear.


Fitness modeling assignments cover a wide range, from photoshoots for fitness and lifestyle magazines to promoting swimwear and gym attire in shops and catalogs. Fitness models are also in demand for endorsing diet and fitness products wherever a fit and healthy appearance is essential.


If you enjoy staying active and taking care of yourself, consider exploring fitness modelling. Opportunities are available for individuals of all body types, from muscular bodybuilders to shapely and toned fitness models.

Petite Modelling

Petite modelling has now become a standard presence in the industry, featuring both male and female models. Many individuals of shorter stature seek fashionable clothing and footwear tailored to their size.


This market has prompted numerous high street fashion stores to introduce petite clothing lines and smaller-sized shoes, catering specifically to their shorter clientele. Demand for petite models is consistent, as they are essential for advertising petite clothing in various mediums, including advertisements and catalogues.


Typically, petite models are no taller than 5ft 5" in height.

Tall Models


If you stand at 5ft 9 or taller, you qualify as a tall model. This niche is in high demand, particularly for promotional, fashion, and advertising assignments.


Tall female models extend beyond the catwalk and high fashion; a significant market exists for tall clothing, including dedicated stores and larger-sized shoes for tall individuals. Mainstream retailers and catalogs also feature tall and longer clothing, requiring tall models for promotion and advertising.


Discovering tall clothing options is now more accessible, as is the opportunity to become a tall model. If you're interested in having fun and potentially earning extra income, consider exploring this avenue.

Hair Modelling

Leverage your best feature—your hair—by considering a role as a hair model. Our models are showcased on a variety of hair products, from shampoo to hair straighteners. If you're open to styling, colouring, or occasional cutting, you could be the ideal candidate for our hair artist and professional hairdresser clients. We consistently require both male and female models for hair competitions, shows, and photo shoots, offering the benefit of complimentary hair services.

Fashion models

Fashion models primarily promote clothing, often through catwalk or runway modeling. Typically, we associate models with the tall, slim figures seen at the world's top fashion shows in cities like London, Paris, and Rome. These supermodels, showcasing the latest collections for prestigious fashion houses, command high pay and enjoy celebrity status, gracing magazine covers.


However, fashion models extend beyond this archetype. In today's industry, they are integral to promoting various products, including clothing ranges for high street stores. Fashion photography, a substantial area, employs both male and female models to showcase clothing, lingerie, swimwear, and accessories for catalogues and advertising.

Teen Models

At Elite Showcase Modelling Agency, our clients seek teen models of varying looks and sizes, providing opportunities for all teens. Despite the competitive nature of this field, teen models are consistently sought after for clothing catalogues, magazine adverts, and similar opportunities. If your teen possesses an easy-going personality and a degree of self-confidence, they can enjoy a positive modelling experience while gaining valuable skills.
Our teen models, aged 12 to 17, encompass both male and female roles, participating in diverse advertising campaigns, fashion shows, photographic shoots, and more. Preteen modelling presents an exciting opportunity for your child to earn income, potentially leading to future assignments as they mature.

Parental support is integral in registering teen models, ensuring a safe environment at all times. 

Plus Size Modelling

Plus size modelling is a prominent segment in the modelling industry. The era of exclusively seeking 'super slim' models is behind us, as our clients in film, TV, fashion, and advertising increasingly prefer the authenticity of 'natural women.' In response to this demand, we welcome curvy individuals to represent this category in our agency. Consider joining our roster to align with this growing trend.

Hand & Feet Models

Professional hand and feet models are in high demand for advertising various products, including jewelry, cosmetics, nail polish, shoes, and more. The close-up work of hand and feet modeling plays a crucial role in selling these products. For hand models, well-shaped hands with slender fingers, well-manicured nails, and flawless skin are essential, with opportunities available for both men and women. Similarly, feet models are needed to showcase shoes and sandals, requiring flawless skin, manicured nails, and shapely feet to effectively promote products in advertising campaigns.

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