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Model Types

Why not take a look at the model types below to get an idea of the modelling work available and contact us for any further information on becoming a model

Promotional Modelling

Promotional modelling is a great way to get into the world of modelling. Promotional models are used at store openings, clubs, trade shows and public events to promote a business, service or product. This can involve handing out leaflets, chatting to visitors or maybe getting visitors to fill out a competition form. Whatever type of promotion modelling is offered, it’s a good introduction to modelling and can earn you some extra money.

Both male models and female promotion models are needed by our clients to promote their products, but generally female models are requested more often for promotional assignments.  An important factor of promotional modelling is to increase product awareness, and therefore the assignment may call for you to wear an outfit or uniform. Usually the client will provide any clothing required or will make us aware of what is to be worn. 

Promotional modelling can be good fun, so if you have any outgoing personality and like talking to people then promotional modelling may be for you. 

Fitness Modelling

In today's world of fitness fanatics our fitness models are always popular; we receive requests for both male fitness models and female fitness models for all types of fitness modelling work requiring a fit, firm and healthy body.

Whether to promote a healthy lifestyle or sell gym membership our clients are looking for fitness models, male and female swimsuit models, bodybuilders and underwear models.

Fitness modelling assignments come in all forms from photographic shoots for fitness and lifestyle magazine articles and adverts to swimwear and gym wear clothing shops and catalogues and of course to promote diet and fitness products, in fact anywhere that a fit and healthy-looking model is required.

If you enjoy working out and looking after yourself why not take a look at fitness modelling, whatever your body frame, size or shape from muscular male or female bodybuilders to shapely but toned female fitness models.

Fashion Model

Hair Modelling

If your hair is your best feature, then why not make the most of it and take a look at becoming a hair model. Our hair models are featured on all types of hair products from shampoo, hair colours and hairspray through to the packaging on hair straighteners or hair dryers.

If you are willing to have your hair styled, coloured or sometimes cut then you might be just what our hair artist or professional hairdresser clients are looking for.

Both male and female models are always needed to feature as hair models in hair competitions, hair shows, or photo shoots and you get your hair done for free!

Petite Modelling

Petite modelling is now commonplace in the modelling industry; there are many petite models, both men and women models. Many short and petite people may be similar heights to a child but have the body structure of man or woman and obviously want to wear fashionable clothes and shoes that fit.

It's a market that many high street fashion stores have developed by producing petite clothing ranges and smaller size shoes designed specifically for their shorter and smaller customers. Petite models are always needed to advertise these petite clothes in adverts and catalogues.

Finding petite clothing and shoes has never been easier and neither has becoming a petite model. Petite models are usually around 5ft to 5ft 5", sizes 6 to 10.

Tall Models

If you are 5ft 9 or taller then you could be a tall model. Tall modelling is big business and tall models are always popular with our clients for promotion modelling work and of course fashion and advertising work.

Tall female models are not just for the catwalk and high fashion modelling though, there is now a large market for tall clothing with shops dedicated to offering tall fashion and larger size shoes for tall ladies. Even the high street shops and catalogues stock tall and longer clothes and all these shops need tall models to promote and advertise these.

Finding tall clothing has never been easier and neither has becoming a tall model, if you would like to have fun and maybe earn some extra cash

Hand & Feet Models

Ever wondered whose hand appears in the advert for the latest hand cream, well chances are it's a professional hand model. Both hand models and feet models are in high demand to advertise and promote a whole host of products including jewelry, cosmetics, nail polish, hand lotion, shoes, shampoo and much more.

The close up work of hand and feet modelling is a vital element when trying to sell these products. Hand models must have nicely shaped hands and slender fingers with well-manicured nails essential and flawless skin. Hand models are not just women models, men are also needed but the type of hands depends more on the product being sold or advertised whether it's a labourer or an office worker!

Feet models are also required to sell shoes and sandals or even to go bare foot in an advertising promotion, again flawless skin, manicured nails and a shapely foot is a must.

Plus Size Modelling

Plus size modelling is big business in our world of modelling. We are no longer looking for 'super slim', our clients in film, TV, fashion and advertising, are asking more and more for 'natural women', To meet this demand, we put forward daily selections of plus size models registered with us - why not join us!

Fashion models

Fashion models are used to primarily used to promote clothing and may involve catwalk or runway modelling. When we think of models generally we think about the tall slim fashion models used at the top fashion shows around the world in London, Paris and Rome. These supermodels who model the latest collections for the top fashion houses are extremely well paid and are celebrities as well as fashion models appearing on magazine covers.

These are not the only fashion models though, today fashion models are also needed for a host of products including clothing ranges for high street stores. Fashion photography is a big area which uses both men and female models to promote clothing, lingerie, swimwear and accessories for catalogues and advertising.

Teen Models

Our teen models fall between 12 to 17 years old, cover both male modelling and female modelling roles and feature in all types of advertising campaigns, fashion shows, photographic shoots plus more. Preteen modelling can be an exciting way for your child to start to earn some money and may lead to further modelling assignments as they grow older.

At Elite Showcase Modelling Agency, our clients ask for teen models of all looks and sizes, so there are opportunities for all teens. Whilst this is a competitive modelling area, teen models are always in demand for clothing catalogues, magazine adverts and more. If your teen has an easy-going personality and a little self-confidence, they can enjoy themselves and gain valuable modelling experience.

When it comes to registering teen models parental support is vital and required every step of the way and as a parent you want to ensure your teen is in a safe environment at all times but teen modelling can be a rewarding and positive experience for all concerned.

Fashion Models
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