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What we do

  • We look for work for those registered with us, film, TV, advertising, fashion, walk-ons, extras, as well as the entertainment industries - your work is our business. 

  • We check out the authenticity of clients, making sure they are genuine - your safety comes first.

  • We negotiate the best fees, collect them and pay them to our talent - good to have fun, better to have fun and be paid.

We manage the assignment and follow-up with 'happiness checks'

Modelling work today is not all about catwalk models who are stick thin or size 0 celebrity fashion models. At Elite Showcase Modelling Agency our vast experience in the world of modelling shows us that our clients want models of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Models are required for a whole host of different types of modelling assignments and jobs from photographic shoots to TV adverts and to promote everything we see in magazines and on television. Therefore, companies want people like ourselves to sell to us and that's why many of our models are ordinary people who want to earn some extra money and have fun.

Elite Showcase Modelling Agency is proud of their inclusive policy when it comes to modelling, we don't just have attractive male models and beautiful women models. On our books we also welcome teen models, tall models, petite models, hand & feet models and plus size models.

Our models are ready & waiting in Sydney , Melbourne, Brisbane .

Fashion Model
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